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Your healthy low carb keto banting sugar free diabetic friendly vegan wheat free gluten free halaal weight loss eatery

Healthy Banting Meal Plans

Where we stock low carb, wheat free, sugar free ingredients and products. Allowing customers to shop for their healthy needs in one serene place.

Having our restaurant menu to a full-on delivery service. We have invested in our own drivers so our food can be delivered throughout Gauteng. Banting, keto, low carb, healthy eating has never been this tasty and convenient. (See our Delivery Menu)

We cook for you, so you dont have to. We have Keto, Banting, Weight Loss eating plans, starting from R375 for 5 meals (R75 a meal) excl delivery. We have 38 meal plans you can choose from. We deliver all over Gauteng. Allowing you to achieve your eating goals, conveniently,cost effectively and without compromising on taste

clenerfy immune booster

With the current Covid-19 cases on the increase, Clenergy has decided to do our bit to try and help: Whilst eating healthy is one way to boost ones immunity, we have put together a comprehensive immune booster pack.

These product may provide the support we need to fortify our immune system and provide general well-being.

Our Story

Clenergy launched in mid- November 2019 with a mission to make healthy, low carb, sugar free wheat free fast food that is deliciously decadent and indulgent. Playing its part in helping consumers eat healthy without compromising on taste. Given the Covid-19 crisis, Clenergy has transformed the business into 3 new business units.

Healthy, low carb, keto, banting, sugar free, diabetic friendly, vegan, wheat free, gluten free, halaal weight loss eatery

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Healthy Banting Meal Plans
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