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About Clenergy Bread

Wheat free
Made from low carb seeds & nuts.

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About Clenergy

Healthy made delicious. We guarantee you that all of our foods are Wheat Free, Low Carb and Sugar Free. (no added refined sugar). This means that we are Keto and Banting friendly. Standing by these three key values allows our customers to lower their sugar intake. How? Refined sugars are found in many foods, desserts, drinks, sauces and condiments, but by us taking the sugar out. We reduce your sucrose intake. However high carbs such as wheat, maize, rice, and potatoes also convert to sugar once inside the body. So this way we reduce your intake holistically as well. This allows our consumers to avoid sugar related ailments without compromising on their food’s taste and while still being able to satisfy your cravings.

Clenergy launched in mid- November 2019 with a mission to make healthy, low carb, sugar free wheat free fast food that is deliciously decadent and indulgent. Playing its part in helping consumers eat healthy without compromising on taste. Given the Covid-19 crisis, Clenergy has transformed the business into 3 new business units. Read More…

Healthy made delicious, low carb, keto, banting, sugar free, diabetic friendly, vegan, wheat free, gluten free, halaal weight loss eatery.

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