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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What do we offer?

We have 24 meals that can be frozen.

Our meals are freshly cooked & ready to eat.

For your convenience they can be stored in your

freezer for upto 3 months.


They can be stored in your fridge for upto 3 days.

Order as many meals as you like, to store in your freezer, and you have healthy yet decadently delicious meals available at your home or office.

How do the meal plans work?

We have the following options:

5 Day Plan

7 Day Plan

21 Day Plan

28 Day Plan

For each of these plans, you have the option of choosing, either 1 meal or 2 meals per day.

(i.e – If you choose the 7 Day plan, You would then be able to choose to have 1 meal a day or 2 meals per day, that is either 7 meals per week or 14 meals per week.)

Our range of 24 meals, have also been set up into various dietary meal plan categories.

Keto, Banting, Weightloss, Vegetarian, Vegan, Diabetic, Body Building, Build your own,

Essentially, you can choose the meal plan by number of days, meals per day and by food type.

How are our meal plans packaged:

Each meal is between 300g and 380g of food. (individual portions per person)

The above illustrations are the exact measurements of our meals.

Healthy, low carb, keto, banting, sugar free, diabetic friendly, vegan, wheat free, gluten free, halaal weight loss eatery.

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