Clenergy Heating Instructions

Healthy Meal Plans

Your healthy low carb keto banting sugar free diabetic friendly vegan wheat free gluten free halaal weight loss eatery

The Night Before:

Remove from Freezer. Place in the fridge to thaw slowly overnight.

The Next Day:

 Heat and eat.

The Black Containers:

Pierce the plastic film. If it has cheese or a roti. Please remove. Then place in the microwave and heat. If you prefer not to microwave, remove contents, place in an oven friendly container  and warm in the oven to your preferred warmth of the food.

The Roti:

Place on a pan and warm.

The Silver Container:

You can either microwave or warm in the oven.

The Pizza:

Warm in the oven on a pan till the cheese melts.

Healthy, low carb, keto, banting, sugar free, diabetic friendly, vegan, wheat free, gluten free, halaal weight loss eatery.

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