We are pleased to announce the launch of our second menu: the ‘not-so-clenergy’ menu. This menu is for those customers who are not that worried about healthy eating.

Clenergy now offers one restaurant; two menus:

On one side we have our famous Clenergy menu, which is:
• Low carb
• Sugar free
• Healthy
On the other side we have our new ‘not-so-Clenergy’ menu, which is:
• ‘not-so-low-carb’
• ‘not-so-sugar-free’
• ‘not-so-healthy’

One thing has not changed and that is our belief that food is one of life’s greatest pleasures and should savoured, enjoyed and appreciated.

This means that Clenergy now caters for everyone.
But what does this mean?
It means if you want chicken wings you can choose the sesame coated healthy option or the crispy battered ‘not-so-healthy’ option – all made with Clenergy’s quality ingredients and loaded with flavour.
So, what else can food fanatics expect on the ‘not-so-Clenergy’ menu:
• Breakfast classics like croissants, French toast, flapjacks and pancakes.
• Farmhouse and full-house breakfasts packed with sausages, meat patties, eggs, tomatoes and toast.
• Our iconic burgers – but on regular buns and you can add potato chips.
• Chicken Wings – the way you like them crispy battered and delicious.
• Toasted steak specials.
• Toasted chicken and mayo
• Muffins – in all the flavours you love: choc-chip, blueberry, banana, lemon poppy, pecan-cranberry and bran.
• Lotus milkshake and host of other milkshakes and soft drinks

We are so excited about this new addition to the Clenergy line-up and cannot wait to satisfy YOUR hunger. All menu items on the new ‘not-so-Clenergy’ menu are available at our restaurant in Greenside or can be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Gauteng.
Clenergy – for delicious decadent food, that just happens to be healthy (or not-so-healthy)!

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