Clenergy Kitchen known for their low carb, weight loss, keto, banting and diabetic friendly meals are pleased to announce to launch of their weight loss, keto,banting + diabetic friendly

One of the big challenges that customers on a low carb or weight loss program find is to give up bread.
Consumers general reaction is

” How am I supposed to live without bread”

Now with Clenergy’s low carb bread you don’t need to.
Our bread is
– wheat free,
– sugar-free
– and made from low carb seeds and nuts.
Our bread taste a lot like bread, allowing you to enjoy avo on toast or scrambled eggs on toasted for breakfast or your favorite toasted sarmie for lunch
and for a late night snack or something to nibble on while on the couch have a slice of toast smothered in a sugar free nut butter.

And here’s the best part, this fits in perfectly with a low carb weight loss program.

For Banting
Given the recent changes to the original list it also can be considered as part of a banting or keto program.
We use only 2 grams of oats per slice and a large portion of that is consumed in the fermentation process.

We have a number of banting and keto customers that are very happy using our bread.

One of the questions we often get asked.

What is the difference between Low Gi and Low carb?

To lose weight, a low GI bread will not help as much as its still has sugar + wheat (which is high in carbs)
Our weight loss philosophy is that to lose weight we must cut out sugar + keep your carbs down.
Our bre d is sugar free + low carb
(only 1.15 grams per slice )
so in our opinion you no longer have to give up one of life’s great pleasures – bread.
In fact you can now enjoy our Clenergy bread as part of your eating plan.

The way we see it our Clenergy sliced bread is probably the best thing since sliced bread.

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