Due to the price increases that we face across the majority of our ingredients suppliers we are forced to increase the price of our home meals

In some instances the price increases on our ingredients are exceptionally high.
Ginger for example has gone up by 300%

For the last 6 months we have held our pricing despite the rising costs. But now we have to adjust our prices.

Our price increase will be effective from the 12 of February 2021.

This gives our valued customers the opportunity to still buy our home meals at the current price for the next 10 days

The new discounted price of our home meals will be R89,99 per meal.
We do believe that even at this price we are still delivering incredible value .
Guaranteed low carb sugar free meals. With no fillers or bulking ingredients
Just pure clean, nutrient dense real food to provide real nourishment to your body without hurting it .

Together with the time and effort that we take to marinate, blend and cook each meal till it is decadently delicious. Not forgetting that whilst our meals are tasty they all are
Keto, Banting, Weight Loss and Diabetic friendly.

We do understand that at this time many of our customers are very price conscious
To accommodate this need We are launching a range of Not So Clenergy home meals.

We will launch with a range of 8 Not So Clenergy meals

A single serving meal will be priced at R59,99
And a family meal for (approx 4 people) will be priced at R199,99 (approx R49,99 per person)
I’m sure that you will agree that this offers our customers looking a low priced point meal a really good offer. These new Not So Clenergy meals will be available on sale on our website from the 19th of February and on sale in our restaurant from the 12 February .

We thank you for your support
And look forward to serving you in 2021
Bon Appetit

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