You will receive 2 deliveries for this order as indicated below.

Day 1 Delivery:
Day 1: Beef Burger Fresh
Chicken wrap Fresh
Day 2: Chicken mayo bagel Fresh
Mince Lasagne Frozen
Day 3: Arrabiata pasta Frozen
Spanish tomato fish bake Frozen

Day 4 Delivery:
Day 4: Salmon bagel Fresh
Chicken wings Fresh
Day 5: Mushroom Chilli Frozen
Chilli Con carne Frozen

Beef Burger

120g pure beef patty served on a wheat free roll, with harissa sauce and garlic mayo.

Heating Instructions:

The burger will come deconstructed so it remains fresh. Heat the roll on a pan for 10 seconds. Heat the patty in the microwave and place the patty on a roll. Put the tomato, onions and lettuce on top of the patty. Drizzle the 3 sauces over the lettuce.

Chicken wrap

Gluten and wheat free wrap, covered with butternut puree and layered with grilled chicken, lettuce, baby marrow, micro herbs, crispy onions and baby tomatos. Drizzeled with tahini and hollandaise sauce.

Chicken mayo bagel

Wheat free bagel with shredded chicken mayo, lettuce and parmesan cheese. Drizzled with harissa sauce.

Heating Instructions:

Assemble by putting chicken mix on the bagel. Followed by the salad and drizzle sauces over the top.

Mince Lasagne 300g

Spicy mince layered with low-carb lasagne sheets and a creamy white sauce for a delicious twist on one of your favourite Italian dishes. Lasagne sheets are made with cauliflower, parsnips and quinoa.

Arabiata Pasta 300g

Our wheat & gluten-free pumpkin pasta, cooked with rich arrabbiata sauce topped with olives, basil and parmesan. Italian made low carb

Spanish Tomato Fish Bake 300g

Deboned hake baked in a delictable spanish tomato gravy. Light and low carb.

Salmon bagel

Wheat free bagel with salmon, caramalized onions, avo, chives, rocket, seasame seeds and creame cheese and coriander emulsion.

Heating Instructions:

Assembly by spreading cream cheese on both sides of the bagel. Place salad and salmon and drizzle sauces over the top.

Chicken wings and fries

Seasame coated free range chicken wings with a hint of chilli.

Mushroom Chilli 300g

A vegan favorite. Sliced mushrooms and peppers tossed in a chilli tomato sauce. Vegan and low Carb. This meal is best accompanied by Clenergys banting rotis or cauli rice.

Chilli Con Carne 300g

A keto version of your favourite mexican dish, ground beef mince tossed with bell peppers and cooked with all your flavourful mexican spices. Low carb has never tasted this good. This meal is best accompanied by Clenergys banting rotis or cauli rice.