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This Meal Plan Contains:


Zuchini Curry 300g

A delicious Vegen curry, perfectly prepared zucchini, coconut milk and garlic and ginger. This meal is best accompanied by Clenergys banting rotis or cauli rice.

Chilli Con Carne 300g

A keto version of your favourite mexican dish, ground beef mince tossed with bell peppers and cooked with all your flavourful mexican spices. Low carb has never tasted this good. This meal is best accompanied by Clenergys banting rotis or cauli rice.

Chicken Tikka Masala (300g)

This rich and creamy, tantalising chicken tikka is made with golden chicken pieces, smothered in an incredible spicy curry sauce. Low carb, all the taste but not the guilt. Low carb. All the flavor without the guilt. This meal is best accompanied by Clenergys banting rotis or cauli rice.

Shepards pie 300g

A low carb version of a traditional favorite. Lightly spiced beef mince topped with a flavorful sweet potato mash.

Cauli Tikka Masala 300g

A delicious vegan curry, perfectly prepared to highlight the vibrant taste of Cauliflower. This meal is best accompanied by Clenergys banting rotis or cauli rice.

Product Description

We want to provide customers with a truly safe place to enjoy the pleasures of really delicious food without having to compromise your health. We set out on a journey to provide guilt-free meals that break the paradigm of what is generally expected of healthy food. Clenergy’s goal was to provide restaurant meals, fast food favorites and decadent desserts that our consumers crave, in a much more beneficial way. The Keto and Banting way. Try our 5 delicious meals in this Meal Plan for R299

Food is one of life’s Greatest Pleasures – Get this Meal Plan for R299

Our healthy food only earns a spot on our menu after it has met the requirement of being decadently delicious. Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures and here at Clenergy we do not want to compromise on that at all. But at the same time we’re also looking to create a brand that customers can trust.

We guarantee you that all of our foods are Wheat Free, Low Carb and Sugar Free. (no added refined sugar). This means that we are Keto and Banting friendly. Standing by these three key values allows our customers to lower their sugar intake. How? Refined sugars are found in many foods, desserts, drinks, sauces and condiments, but by us taking the sugar out. We reduce your sucrose intake. However high carbs such as wheat, maize, rice, and potatoes also convert to sugar once inside the body. So this way we reduce your intake holistically as well. This allows our consumers to avoid sugar related ailments without compromising on their food’s taste and while still being able to satisfy your cravings.


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